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Glass Art: Etching,Carving,Architectural,Signs,Glass Trophies....

The Glass Artist provides the best Glass Services at the best price.

Public Art & Installations

The Glass Artist is often called upon to design and install large-scale public works of art and memorials.The Glass Artist is often called upon to design and install large-scale public works of art and memorials. Some of the most recent works include a 9-11 memorial for the city of marathon key Fl. Fire department. This memorial was constructed from ½” glass and is about 6′ wide x 8′ tall the glass panels were etched and lighted with the names of 343 fire fighters who lost their lives on Sept 11. The glass panels surround a10′ tall piece of the world trade center structure. Another recent project was a 10′ tall x 15′ wide carved glass installation for the downtown Boca Raton library. The sculpture consists of giant carved glass sea turtles in their natural environment illuminated with white led lighting. Send us an email or give us a call for more information.

Glass Printing

Printing on Glass is a great way to preserve photography and add a touch of class to your home or office. Photo printing The Glass Artist now offers high resolution printing for most flat substrates including glass, acrylic , tile, wood and metal . This cutting edge service has endless applications and can save you time and money . Send us an email to request samples or to find out more info .

Glass Signage

Glass Signs by the glass artist are custom made and fabricated at the best cost.

Glass signage – if you are looking for an affordable alternative to traditional signage The Glass Artist has unique solutions that will bring attention to your business. Our beautiful low profile glass signs can be customized to your exact specifications within 2-3 weeks. Using ultra bright led lighting and up to 4 layers of glass our signs are like nothing you have ever seen before. Because we use glass and low voltage led lights our signs comply with and exceed most city codes and regulations and in most cases a permit is not needed saving you thousands of dollars.

Photo Etching

The glass artist offers photo etching services for home or professional purposes. Photo Etching is a high resolution sandblasting process that allows us to etch photo quality images onto glass, stone, or polished granite surfaces. This process is ideal for memorials, wedding gifts and family photos. The images can also be illuminated in a custom frame or base built to the customers exact specifications. Email us or give us a call for a custom quote.

Glass Trophies

The glass artist has been doing Glass Trophies for over a decade for various organizations and companies.

Glass trophies – our hand made glass Trophies are unlike anything available on the market today. Using advanced techniques and materials we have the ability to etch 3D images and photos onto a hand cut glass trophy by using ultra bright low profile led lights and re-chargeable lithium ion battery packs our portable trophies will be the centerpieces of any event. Glass trophies are perfect for fishing tournaments, golf tournaments, racing trophies, martial arts awards, retirement gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and as memorials.

Paintings and Murals

the glass artist can create custom paintings for offices or home decorations.

 Paintings and murals are a great way to fill that blank spot on your wall and bring balance and color to  the décor of any room. The Glass Artist provided custom paintings and murals in any style from abstract to fresco we have you covered.


Laser Cutting & Engraving

Laser Cutting and Engraving – CNC laser cutting is a great solution for cutting acrylic and plexi glass substrate. With the CNC laser we can cut up to ¾” plexi glass and acrylic material with a high level of accuracy and detail. This process is perfect for creating a large quantity of custom parts in a short amount of time.

Carved Glass and Stone

Carved glass and stone – sand carving is a great way to add depth and dimension to a glass art piece or stone memorial. Sand carving etches designs deeper than traditional etched glass and allows for colors and gold leaf to be added into the design for a colorful addition to any piece. We can carve into many different surfaces including, glass, stone, granite, tile, marble and onyx.

Onsite Etching

Onsite Etching is the glass artist's specialty.

On-site glass etching – with our unique on-site glass etching process beautiful custom works of art can be etched directly onto existing glass panels in your home, office or vehicle. Some of the benefits of etched glass include added privacy and the reduction of heat from direct sunlight. The process starts with a free consultation with a glass design specialist. Once the customer has approved a design a date is set to etch the glass. Most jobs are completed within a 2-6 week time frame from start to finish. On-site etching is virtually mess free and can even be done in doors using our specialized equipment.


Architectural Glass and Installations

The Glass Artist has a full staff of experienced and highly trained glaziers and contractors to fabricate and install any type of architectural glass. Weather you need a frame-less shower enclosure or impact windows for your entire home we provide expert installations at competitive prices. Some of these services include, impact windows & doors, window and door repairs shower enclosures, glass railing, glass stairs, back splashes, glass walls, counter tops, bar-tops, store front, mirrors and large public sculpture.

Backpainted Glass

Colored glass- if you are in the market for colored glass you have come to the right place we are one of the largest producers of back painted glass in the Nation. Back painted glass is a modern solution for back splashes in kitchens and bars, walls and counter tops. Colors can be matched to most paint decks. Our unique back painting process is extremely durable and easy to clean. Our product is great for most glazing contractors because it is cut and installed just like an average mirror. Back painted glass can be applied to textured and slump glass surfaces for an even more unique look and feel.

Bartops and Tables

Glass counter tops – The glass Artist is south Florida’s premier source for custom glass tabletop’s and decorative glass bar tops. We have the ability to produce a wide variety of etched, carved, slump and textured glass tops for any surface. Since our glass bar tops and tables are fully customizable the possibilities are virtually endless. Our most recently added services allows us to print directly onto the glass surface with specialized U.V inks, this opens up a whole new world of custom options for our glass table and bar tops.

Lighting Design and LED Wholesale

The Glass artist can create custom LED lighting designs for commercial or home purpose.

The Glass Artist offers led lighting at affordable wholesale prices as well as expert led lighting installation. L.e.d lights are a great way to add light and drama to any room and because they consume very little power you will save money on the electric bill each month. Add lighting to an etched glass sculpture or a glass counter top for a truly head turning custom look. We have many unique state-of-the-art lighting products and lighting design solutions for every taste and budget.

Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting service – a CNC Water jet cutter is the ultimate cutting tool it slices through any material with ease. Cut intricate patterns and designs in glass, wood, steel, stone, tile, and just about any other substrate available.